Siberwood successfully accomplished forest inventory of the forest area proposed for an investment project in Irkutsk Region

Siberwood Ltd. has successfully accomplished forest inventory and forest quality assessment of the forest area proposed by the government of Irkutsk Region for realization of an investment project. Inventory data demonstrates sufficient volume of timber, which is enough for raw material supply of the prospective pulp mill.

Field measurements in the framework of the inventory were conducted using unique tool developed by the Finnish company TRESTIMA, which enables assessment of a forest state based on images captured by a mobile phone.

“Now we have done yet another huge step towards realization of our investment project and ready to proceed with operational planning of forest related activities”, – says Tom Sunden, Director of Siberwood Forest Division. – “Thanks to TRESTIMA the process of inventory was under full control. The special feature of the technology is that we controlled the work progress almost on a daily basis, received and checked inventory data out of the office, knew exactly which sample plots and by whom were investigated as well as saw the state of the forest visually. The speed of the work is also unique – our contractors managed to do up to 12 sample plots a day in tough environment of Siberia. All doubts concerning high quality of inventory data vanished when we received positive results of statistical analysis of data by TRESTIMA based on satellite imagery interpretation all over the territory of proposed lease.”

Siberwood pays high attention to the state of the forest and its sustainable exploitation right from the beginning of the project.v

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